Venison Back Strap Recipe

Here’s one of my favorite ways to prepare Venison Back Strap:

Take 1 venison back strap; cut with slicer very thin pieces.

SOAK PIECES OF MEAT IN ORDINARY CIDER VINEGAR FOR 5 MINUTES. The stronger the vinegar will taste in the final dish depends on the amount of time you marinate. Meat may start turning dark this is normal normal and is breaking the meet down for tenderness. This next step you can skip it or do it. I say do it – dip meat into your favorite fish fry mix then turn the heat up this dish is hard to beat when all the old recipes well, why they get old.

Next get a frying pan ready with a good oil your favorite. We use canola. Bring to a boil, add meat cover and reduces heat to low. Fry until slightly crispy, dip out with a good spatula. Let set 10 seconds and let them at them.

Options: Add hot cheese, pour over taco chips.

Serve this with ice cold strawberry’s, or oranges – it’s  a very tasty dish.  Salsa is also ok it goes with the meat but the chip ruins it for me. These same ingredients go very well as a side to complement a Mexican theme.


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