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  • Bill these bucks were taken from the very blinds that you set up for me. As a matter of fact we see more large bucks from those blinds than anywhere else on the property. We hunt the wind as you directed us to and it has been amazing. Thanks brother. – John P.

    John P.
    John P.
  • “Well, this past summer I read an amazing book from an amazing person named William Vale from outside of Battle Creek, Michigan. His book, Taking Pressured Trophy Whitetails is one of the most informative and tactical bow hunting books I’ve ever seen. Bill has the record to prove his strategies. He’s been bow hunting for 40 years and has taken over 30 record animals. In the back of Bill’s book, there is about a 30 page section on trailing wounded deer. I can honestly say, I had no idea that anyone ever got this intense about trailing deer. Bill has collected hair samples from most of the deer he’s shot to compare them once he has found the deer. He has since made a deer hair analysis chart (some included in the book ) that by simply analyzing the different patches of hair one can tell where they hit and exited that deer. I believe his independent research is phenomenal.” Note – Hair Chart used courtesy of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine: New Big Buck Stories:


    Jonathan Fassnatch
    Jonathan Fassnatch
  • Hi Bill, I hope all is well. I would like to say THANK YOU! I just recently started to read your material, and it really made a lot of sense to me. Normally I save my best stands until the first week of November. After receiving your book, and calender I decided to take a chance on going in to hunt my best spot a few days ago which was October 9th. Thankfully, I received your information in the mail at the beginning of the dark period. Luckily I started reading it right away, and even though I didn’t get all of the way through it I made up my mind to break tradition. I went in to hunt my best stand, and I ended up harvesting the buck that I’ve been after for two seasons. If I didn’t purchase your information, I would have never went in to hunt that stand. Your information has totally changed my way of thinking of how, and when I should be hunting. I live in a very heavily pressured area in upstate NY. I harvested a 218 lb 12 point with a 22 inch spread. He has 6 inch circumference measurements. When I saw him moving at 5:45 PM on a 65 degree day, I immediately knew that you really have this down to a science. I feel that God pointed me in the right direction when I stumbled upon your info on the internet. If you would like me to send you some pictures for your website, I would be more then happy to. Just send me an email address, and I will send them. Once again, thank you for putting all of this together. I will spread the word about you, and your valuable resources. Sincerely, Dave

  • Ty was so happy about spending a day with Bill Vale that he made this video about it:

  • I just want to take a few moments to let you know how pleased I am with contacting and becoming friends with Bill and Josh. A little history, I have been after a deer of a lifetime for four years where my son had seen a really big deer and I started helping him to harvest the buck. For four years we only had pictures on camera at night so I contacted Bill two years ago without him coming to my property of 1200 acres. Bill advised us to concentrate on the east side of the property and we have gotten the buck out of his comfort zone. He is staying where there is only one way in and one way out and we can’t get near him without getting busted. Bill and Josh came up with some maps of bedding travel routs, entry and exits, and stand locations for certain winds morning and evening. They advised us where to move the feeder. We thought how in the crap are these maps going to work when they haven’t even been to the property? We moved the feeder and we immediately started getting pictures of him during the day which hadn’t happened in four years. Bill’s calendar truly works. Anyway, on the maps, Josh gave us a very detailed map and we kind of used them but kept questioning them. Then, after bow season was a bust due to every one’s work schedule we got ready for Gun season opening day. The three of us went where the middle son took the east side where the Ghost roams, I sat up in the middle, and my youngest said I’m going over on the far west side. Soon he texted us and said remember that old 8 point he is fixing to go down and bang he’s down shot within 100 yards of where Josh marked a spot to hunt. Soon after, one day I was out by myself filling the feeder up and checking cameras when I noticed a small 8 point chasing off in a distance. I decided to walk down and just check one of these bedding areas as we hadn’t seen the Ghost the buck of a lifetime in two weeks. I get within 50 yard of this so called bedding area and all heck breaks out. Deer running everywhere like so I back out. Josh was right twice now about the area so I go back to the truck to leave and driving out I notice that 8 point again. I drove by him in the pasture and did not stop until I got about 400 yard from him. I got out and walk back down to where he was and there was the ghost 200 yards out with a doe heading back to that same bedding area Josh had pointed out on his maps. I think that’s what Bill calls the j hook. Anyway, he’s still out there but his days are numbered next year if he doesn’t die of old age. It wasn’t my day to kill the Ghost that day as I forgot to load the gun!! Someone telling me the Ghost is for your boys with Bill and Josh mapping experience of the property, you will have an ace in hole for buck of the life time in your sights. And I know they do everything within their power to make it happen! It’s the best investment you can make by the way. The Ghost is possibly 200” May God Bless You All”

    The Ghost Buck Hunters
    The Ghost Buck Hunters Josh and Bill…Cyber Mapping
  • Josh, Bill, I wanted to say thank you for the map work you did for me. I had hunted this deer for most of the early season with no encounter closer than 60 yards. I knew where his bedding areas were and where he had a rub line. This was in a somewhat shallow ravine and I wanted a stand for a south wind. I struggled with the wind swirling in this location and a south wind would blow my scent into his bedding area but I knew from reading Bills book that to kill this buck I needed to close the gap. I contacted Bill and Josh about my dilemma. I sent them a satellite photo and a topographical photo of my hunting land. With this information they were able to show me on the map where I needed to place a stand that would allow my wind to blow over top the bedding area. I went out and carefully selected my tree and placed my stand. The second set in this stand brought this buck past me presenting a 21yrd shot on November 11 2018. Thank you guys, and I will be using your services in the future. I am a believer!!


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