Randall Staggs

    Randall Staggs

    Mineral Expert for Deer

    Randall is a member of our Circle of Masters and brings to the table a strong background in minerals.  He has been deer hunting for over 50 years and started at age 12.  He used minerals when he was young as a deer attractant. This was the beginning of his life long study of minerals and what kind of minerals best benefit the deer herd as a whole. Eventually Randall met a retired biologist from Florida and this relationship helped him to come up with some experiments that allowed him to optimize these minerals.  Eventually, this has led to his proprietary blend.  This great product which builds body weight through health, and antler growth through the mineral content, is THE recommended mineral by the Whitetail Circle of Masters. The other key difference that separates this mineral from the competitors is it has an additive to get rid of internal parasites.  This capability has been proven at deer ranches.

    Randall worked as a production worker and became a manufacturing engineer at a manufacturing company and once retired has put all his focus on his minerals and other products that he has invented.

    We are very excited to have Randal on our team and if there is any doubt about Randall and these minerals, wait until you talk to him at our Tactical Whitetail University Seminars where you will learn exactly how to use and optimize these minerals and when.

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