Michael Yates

    Michael Yates

    One of Our Best Ambush Specialists

    Tennessee Mountain Man – Ground Hunting Tactics, Ambush Setup, and Mountain Hunting Specialist


    Michael is as versatile as it gets and is a deer killer in every sense of the word. He is a deer expert in every way you can think of from deer biological knowledge to deer behavioral knowledge. He is a guy that harvests mature bucks only from the ground and utilizing terrain elevation. There is no one craftier. He has harvested many deer and has lost count on the total years ago. He has been key in pulling our team together and has taught us more truths about hunting than you can imagine. In many cases, what we once thought to be true has been proven incorrect by Michael time and again. We wouldn’t bet against him. Michael knows so much about mature buck behavior, he knows where they are going or what they are going to do before the buck does!

    Michael Yates - Tennessee Mountain Man – Ground Hunting Tactics and Mountain Hunting SpecialistMichael is our ground base hunting expert and for you people out there that like to hunt on the ground, you will want to talk to Michael or have him come to your property. You will never hunt the same again!   He also is our technology expert as well and is generally months ahead of a products release. He is a member of our cyber and ground-based deer recovery team. This capability has recovered lost bucks across the country in many cases without even setting feet on the ground. In our last recovery effort, the buck was recovered 4 days later and 3 miles from where the 16 point was shot!

    Michael has killed deer with every weapon you can imagine. His knowledge of weapons is impressive. He is our weapons expert no matter what you shoot and takes his archery setups more seriously than people trying to prevent a heart attack.

    Michael has co-authored the Book “Up or Down” with Bill Vale which is a tactical masterpiece. This is a must read on skilled hunting techniques to harvest mature whitetails either from the ground or in an elevated position.

    Michael is a funny and hysterical teacher that will make you understand through his illustrations. His humor is a God given blessing to us all. He will have you rolling in the isles at our Tactical Whitetail University hands on training seminars. He is a family man that puts family first and southern hospitality is the definition of his home.  We are truly blessed to have him on our team.


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