Gregory J. Skufca

    Gregory J. Skufca

    Tactical Habitat for Limiting Buck Dispersion and Ambush Setup Specialist


    Greg Skufca is a Michigan land owner that has taken whitetail property development and management to a new level. Greg is a retired chemical engineer, and is a brilliant technician, and strategist. He has taken 288 acres of hunting property from being mediocre to being one of the best in the state of Michigan.  Greg has a fascination on buck dispersion and has been studying this for a number of years. His approach to property development and management is all focused around minimizing the buck dispersion phenomena that occurs each fall.  The verified success through thousands of game camera photos shows what can happen.  His property in 2017 held 14 different mature bucks ages three years old and up in a very highly pressured section in western Michigan.  The bucks ranged from 125 inches to 155 inches.

    Tactical Habitat for Limiting Buck Dispersion His recent book, “Turn Your Property into a Monster Buck Magnet like I did in Michigan” is full of the details on how he achieved this by managing buck dispersion and how he formed a neighborhood cooperative that actually is working.  If you want to get a hold of Greg for a property assessment and an actual three to five year detailed development plan, he is available for assessments leading to raising big Whitetails to age. This book will save you years of trial and error and is the most complete book on white tail management and is very cutting edge stuff.  His knowledge of building up a property is a fascinating thing.  Greg is available for property design if you like what you read here.

    Ambush strategies are another skill Greg is top notch at as are all of the team.  These set ups are all based on Bill’s unique approach in using the wind that has been proven time and time again.

    He is also our licking branch master, as this guy has pulled in monster pressured Michigan bucks with twigs.!!!!! He is truly one of a kind. The scraping on his property numbers in the hundreds, as well as the rubbing is out of control. His buck dispersion theories on separation are undisputable and he knows the importance of proper balance. He has bent or broken all the rules and has realized if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

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