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    If a deer hunter is not in good physical shape, hunting can be dangerous. As an example, a physically unfit deer hunter who walks long distances over difficult terrain, and who climbs into a bow stand or into an elevated blind, can put himself at risk for a heart attack. This is especially the case when a deer hunter experiences “deer fever,” or then drags a dead buck out of the woods.  Let’s face it, our hunters across the country are an aging group.

    Dan, Bill’s brother, has spent his entire life studying and living a life dedicated to physical fitness. Dan won the Mr. Delaware Contest in 1968 without steroids, using nutrition and exercise only. He also was awarded a Karate Black Belt in 1973. Furthermore, over a seven year period, he wrote 785 of articles for the Examiner Online Newspaper. Most of these articles were written in his capacity as the Baltimore Prepper Examiner.

    Dan has a bachelor degree in Physical Education and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education. He will be providing answers to deer hunters’ questions about how to get into good physical shape for deer hunting. With advice from Dan and from your primary care doctor, our goal is for you to be able to hunt with more enjoyment and with more safety and for many more years.

    For those who want to go into greater depth with their physical fitness efforts, his book, “Proper Exercise Primes Preppers for Disasters,” is available on Amazon as a kindle book.

    Dan completes our team and brings an important aspect to hunting that most people overlook.  We are blessed to have him as an asset on our team.

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