Bill ValeAmbush Setup Specialist

Bill Vale,

The Ambush Setup Specialist for Mature Bucks

Bill Vale is a renowned hunter from Michigan that has been hunting and studying deer his entire life.  He has harvested over 45 trophy whitetails with the bow all from Michigan the state with the highest hunter per square mile ratio in the country.  There is no tougher state to kill mature bucks in.  Bill’s studies have allowed him to achieve degree level equivalents in Meteorology, Solar – Lunar studies, Astronomy, Physics, and Science.  He has studied in depth whitetail biology, animal behavior, forensics of deer situations to name just a few of the areas.  He is one of the sharpest people you will ever talk with and once you do, you will know just how knowledgeable he is.  There is likely not a better “Deer” man in the country.

Bill has had a lifelong heart toward nutrition and body health.  He was always top in sports and still holds high school sports records.  He achieved Master level in Chess and he gives Chess the credit to this development of strategy in hunting.

With all his God given abilities, Bill’s lifelong passion has been to master hunting mature whitetail monarchs and he is really really good at it.  His understanding of the wind and tens of thousands of hours in the woods has taught him how to get into the head of those mature bucks and therefore use that intelligence to set up ambush stands that truly work.  There’s no one better that not only knows what any buck will do, but where he will be, what he will be doing, and when he will be doing it.  It doesn’t matter how good of a hunter you are or think you are, you will learn a ton just having a conversation with Bill.  His stand setups work and there are many many examples with clients of those successes. He has done successful property development and ambush setups in States from Massachusetts to Oklahoma and from Texas to Michigan.

Bill also has a special gift.  The ability to teach.  Bill is at the center of our Tactical Whitetail University training center where Bill will share and explain his in-depth knowledge of how he does what he does.  The training seminars at the Tactical Whitetail University Training center in Michigan are like no other with the majority of the time spent in the field learning actual stand setup techniques.

Another amazing area that Bill is always excited about is recovering a buck after the shot is taken.  There are far too many bucks that are never recovered because the hunter doesn’t understand what he is seeing and what is happening with the wounded animal.  Bill has personally recovered over 100 deer across the country and many of them through topographical cyber map analysis and discussions with the hunter over the phone never setting a foot in that state.   His most recent recovery was an 8 year old 16 point in Ohio that was 4 ½ days and almost 3 miles traveled by the wounded buck before Bill located him.  He has over 10 documented cases of these recoveries.

Bill is as tough as anyone at age 62 and certainly has a lot of things he could brag about.  He takes a personal interest in peoples hunting challenges on a daily basis. But, you find him to be a very humble individual that gets a bigger kick out of helping others kill deer versus himself.

Bill gives all his hunting knowledge and glory to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Other areas of knowledge and skill:

Weapons of all kinds – guns, long bow, recurve bow, Survival training.

Author of Books and Timing Hunting Calendars.

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