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Tactical Whitetail University Training


We have listened to you and are now offering a two day training session so you don’t have to travel multiple times to our training center.   BECOME A MASTER HUNTER in 2 days as Pressured Deer Pros and the Circle of Whitetail Masters brings to you leading edge training seminars that teach you:

  • How to successfully use the wind, weather, moon, and terrain while hunting mature bucks.
  • How to recognize and setup strong ambush points to successfully hunt mature bucks from tree stands.
  • How to recognize and setup strong ambush points to successfully hunt mature bucks from ground blinds.
  • How to use temperature bedding to target your buck.
  • How to successfully minimize buck dispersion in the fall and have more bucks on your property (Easily set up 100 scrapes/licking trees per 100 acres of hunting land.)
  • How to successfully Improve your property habitat and property layout.
  • How to successfully use minerals to grow your bucks.


From Bill Vale

We will teach you everything we know.

It has taken me four decades of blood sweat and even tears to become a master level hunter. Once you know what you don’t know, it won’t be a question of whether you will be successful or not hunting mature bucks, it will be a question on how big of a buck did you shoot!  Now that my mind is exploding with hunting prowess, I am almost too old to enjoy it.  Over the years, I have had many students and all but one has excelled beyond what they thought was humanly possible.  Many of them are now better equipped than I am as a hunter!

I got my education from the school of hard knocks and if I would have had this wisdom in my 20s I can only imagine what else I may have learned. This university is like no other and is a place for training indoors but more importantly in the woods outdoors in real hunting scenarios.  These will challenge even the brightest of individuals.  The $1200.00 cost (BIG 33% OFF SALE FOR SEPTEMBER CLASSES FOR A LIMITED TIME NOW $800.00) for this training is but a drop in the bucket for what all this wisdom has cost me to obtain. Don’t forget the member discounts as well.  I personally offer my guarantee that with each passing seminar, you will leave realizing that wisdom truly is more valuable than silver and Gold!

Bill Vale

Price: $1200


One on One training Sessions at Your Hunting Property

With one of the PDP Masters

Circle of Masters Private Training Sessions

Private seminars held at your location

Please call: 989-513-2365  for more information

Training Programs

Curriculum Included in Two Day Training Session
 Hunting Training
The Important Hunting Basics
1. Health, exercise, and getting into shape to hunt beyond retirement.
2. How to assess good hunting land.
3. It’s all about the Wind.
4. Tactically recognizing and picking strong mature buck ambush points for tree stands and why. (Taught in the woods)
5. Tactically recognizing and picking strong mature buck ambush points for ground blinds and why. (Taught in the woods)
6. Mapping and topographical studies
7. What is good habitat to grow big bucks (Taught in the woods).
8. How to manage your property to minimize mature buck dispersion each fall.
9. The importance of Scent and Scent reduction.
10. Beginning moon and weather understanding
Curriculum Included in Two Day Training Session
 Hunting Training
Taking Whitetail Hunting to the Next Level
1. Exercises before climbing trees and the three rule.
2. Scouting with ambush in mind.
3. The Magic of Licking Branches
4. Advanced tactics – the wind entry and exit.
5. Having and using water strategically to maximize your chances.
6. Tree stand and ground blind secrets from the masters.
7. Hunting state land
8. Using satellite mapping to pick hunting spots.
9. The angry neighbor syndrome, forming a neighborhood cooperative.
10. Hunting using bait and minerals.
11. Advanced buck bedding design.
Curriculum included in Two Day Training Session
 Hunting Training
Becoming a Master Hunter
1. Health and exercise how it mentally prepares you for the hunt.
2. Advanced tactical thinking for harvesting mature bucks. Get in their heads.
3. Getting ahead of the bucks.
4. Using moon and weather correctly to improve your success rate.
5. Using temperature for ambush
6. Playing the wind in different setup scenarios.
7. The 5 year Whitetail Property Development plan and why it works so well.
8. Backtracking on snow and why this is so important.
9. Delivering the shot in the heat of the moment!
10. Advanced scent reduction and cross contamination

Our Training Facility!

Training is held at the Tactical Whitetail University Training Center in Stanwood Michigan.

Tactical Whitetail University Training Center

8374 Northland Dr

Stanwood, Mi 49346


Sessions Schedule

Starts at 8 am sharp with arrivals between 7 and 7:30 am.

Training day will end at 5:30 pm.

Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be provided.

Locale Accommodations

If you arrive the night before the training, there are numerous hotels reasonably priced in Big Rapids, Mi where Ferris State University College is located.  All the hotels are only 10 minutes or less from the training center.

Items to bring to the seminars:

Warm clothes if the weather requires it.

Rubber hunting type boots.

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