Tactical Cyber Scouting Assessment for Habitat and Ambush

Pressured Deer Pro

Tactical Cyber Scouting Assessment for Habitat and Ambush

If you don’t want to have boots on the ground to improve either your ambush setups or your habitat, this is the next best thing.   Michael is the best on our team at this mapping technique.  It costs less yet this cyber assessment can have a measurable impact on your hunting success and your habitat improvement ideas.  Michael uses satellite and topographical imagery to identify potential stand locations and options for habitat improvement.  He uses terrain and temperature as a way to determine where your bucks are bedding therefore leading to great stand locations.

satellite and topographical habitat assessment

Client success has occurred time and again following his recommendations.  This is a proven technique and Michael has the ability to put you on a buck on any given day.

Call: 931-308-2080

Prices: Start at $250

This includes a detailed map of your property with key points identified. Includes phone call discussions with Michael to discuss your property and its location.

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