Tactical Boots on the Ground for Deer Recovery

Pressured Deer Pro

Tactical Boots on the Ground for Deer Recovery

Every year, our team successfully finds deer wounded by hunters that end up losing the blood trail and can’t find the deer. Coming to your location with one or more of our masters will give you the greatest chance of recovering your monster buck.

Using our expert tracking and critical knowledge of knowing where your buck is going is the key to our success.

We utilize all of our masters in discussions when we have these to ensure we do everything we can to recover your deer.  There are never any guarantees as we all know how tough these animals are.  But, if you made a lethal hit, there is a very high probability we will find him.

Our latest on the ground recovery was in January 2018 in Northern Ohio where a sixteen point was recovered three days after the initial hit 2 miles from the original location!

Call: 731-267-0055 or 269-830-8343 or 931-308-2080

Prices: Start at $1000

a day plus expenses (expenses will be minimized).

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