Pressured Deer Pro 10 Week Master Hunter On Line Zoom Meeting Training (Non Gold Members)


Pressured Deer Pro Going to On Line Zoom Training

FROM YOUR RECLINER: Spend less time and guarantee your sightings and encounters will happen! PDP is moving to on line virtual training to reach more hunters and lower costs in the current environment! 10-week program to achieve Master Hunter!  20 hours of training covering the following 10 topics. Each topic is two hours from 7-9 pm EST Tuesday evenings starting March 16 including question answer time.  If you miss a topic you can join the meeting anytime and watch the taped session.  Very inexpensive – Nonmembers (150$ – $15 per session, Members 75$ – $7.50 per session) Sign up at

  1. Wind – How MATURE BUCKS use the wind and how to use it AGAINST them. Fundamental ambush strategies. (Vale)
  2. More on WIND – the southern hills and valleys approach. (Yates)
  3. The X FACTOR HABITAT approach. Enhancing your ambush location for as many dimensions as possible. (Skufca)
  4. Tree selection, proper stand set ups for NON-DETECTION and the importance of entrance and exits. (Vale)
  5. Detailed how to specifically create PRIMARY BREEDING SCRAPE SETS where you have the advantage and why this works so effectively (Skufca)
  6. GROUND HUNTING – strategies, and concealment approaches that work! (Yates)
  7. AMBUSH STRATEGIES using Primary Scrape bracket Sets (Skufca)
  8. How to maximize the “ODDS OF SUCCESS” by hunting at the “RIGHT” times. Four best times to be in the woods when Mature Bucks are on their feet. (Vale)
  9. Managing PRESSURE and best SCENT CONTROL approaches. (Skufca /Yates/Vale)
  10. How to maximize odds of DEER RECOVERY! Learn Deer recovery fundamentals!  (Vale)



The 3 of Our 2020 Bucks…….

Just a couple 2020 successful clients (Missouri & Michigan) using OUR SYSTEM

A few “In the Field” photos…..



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