Bill Vale’s Wind Rules Video Series



This is the Bill Vale Wind Rule Video Series.  No One Teaches this stuff better and makes such a huge difference in your ability to harvest MATURE WHITETAIL BUCKS !!!  NO ONE!!!  Once purchased, you will be able to access this video series here on the PDP Web Page and watch them whenever you want.



You can not expect to harvest mature whitetails WITHOUT following the WIND Rule.  EVERY TIME YOU WATCH THESE 12 VIDEOS YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING NEW!!!!  Understanding how to use the wind will be a game changer for you!!!  CLICK AND WATCH INTRO VIDEO

Bill’s Wind Series Video List

Video 1 – The Wind Rule and How to Pull Deer from Two Directions
Video 2 – Once You Understand the Wind Rule, There are Numerous Ways to Apply it to Ambush. Over the Back Entry
Video 3 – The Wind Rule is a Game Changer.  Do You Know if Your Buck Will Stay on your Property After the Hit?
Video 4 – Classic Example of a Big Buck Following the Wind Rule.  Ohio Buck Recovery
Video 5 – Another Example of a Big Buck Using the Wind Rule.  Narrow it Down to 90 degrees
Video 6 – Wind Rule Learn From the Details.  Figure it Out!
Video 7 – Applying the Wind Rule to Your Hunting.  Blow at the Deer!
Video 8 – Tail Winding Across Large Openings. Wind Rule Tells You Where to Put Your Stand
Video 9 – Putting Centered Tail Winding in Human Terms
Video 10 – Bill’s Old School Kill.  How Bill Killed His Best Buck to Date,  Win Rule Still Applied
Video 11 – How to Blow at the Deer and Not Get Caught.  In depth Discussions and Sketches
Video 12 – The J-Hook Hopefully it Makes More Sense Now


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