“Wind Rules” Ultimate Wind Checker and Scent Dispenser


Northers Scents: Red Apple, Soybean, Corn, Sugar Beet, Acorn

Southern Scents: Soybean, Corn, Persimmon, Honeysuckle, Acorn

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“Wind Rules” Ultimate Wind Checker and Scent Dispenser

This is the only product on the market that does three very important things like no other:

  1. The bubbles in the wind checker truly show the hunter what the wind is actually doing downwind of their stand location. This is critical when following the “Wind Rule”.


  1. This wind checker is the only one of its kind that is scented and leaves a cover or attractant scent down wind of their stand as the bubbles pop. You can leave a cover scent with zero ground disturbance doing it!


  1. This wind checker is the only one of its kind where you can stop before your stand location and leave an attractant scent in the “right” spot with the bubbles without walking through the area and leaving unwanted disturbance.


If you are hunting in or near corn use the “Wind Rules” Corn scented wind checker…….

If you are hunting in pines use the “Wind Rules” Pine cover scent wind checker……

If you are hunting in oaks use the “Wind Rules” White Oak Acorn scented wind checker…….

And so on for pine, cedar, soybeans, sugar beets, apples, muscadine, honeysuckle

We offer two standard products.  One for the northern region including the 5 most common scents for that region.  We also have one for the southern region and the 5 most common scents there.

Additional information

Region Pack

Northern Region “Wind Rules” Wind Checker Packet, Southern Region “Wind Rules” Wind Checker Packet


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