Scouting For Bedding Areas in the Summer

When it comes to shooting big bucks consistently every year, knowing the location of buck beds is a must. It puts you way ahead of the game.

In this video, I’m helping one of my clients figure out how the deer use his property. He called me because he knows big bucks live there, but rarely sees them while hunting.

I’m helping him locate all the bedding areas, travel routes, food sources, where they travel and when during different times of the year, and where to setup stands to intercept one of these big boys.

This video is just one example of over 100 videos I will be posting on this site over the next several months.

If you want to see more videos like this one in order to help you understand whitetail behavior where you hunt, then please leave a comment below the video and share it with your huntin buddies.

God Bless,
Pastor Bill.

In this 2nd video, Bill explains why conditioning deer to his scent in the off-season helps him during the hunting season.

Then while scouting, he points out a good spot for a treestand that many guys would walk right by and not see the opportunity it presents.




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