Recipe: Bill’s Favorite Venison Dish

You take 1 lb freshly picked speargrass, and two lb. of fresh black Morel mushrooms, Wash both completely cutting them in half so you don’t get any extra meat? -[bugs!]
Now open 1 pound of your favorite bacon, (I use hickory smoked hot) but that’s not for all folks.
Put the prepared asparagus in a long tin pan, then wrap it at once with bacon. THEN OPEN TIN FOIL WIDE INSERT FRESH TENDER LOINS then baste with real butter.
and close the tin foil cook on 350 until pork IS WELL DONE AND DEER MEAT IS DONE is well done.
This can take 1– 1 30 of cooking time, open  HOT TINFOIL CARFULLY dump in mushrooms, and Velveeta hot mexican yellow cheese.
On the side prepare venison loin and cube it, I do this to invite the flavor of the morel into the  Deer meat.
Last but not least make up a morel mushroom gravy,  The greens are provided by the asparagus, protein by the  meat and cheese. fiber from the greens. And plain unbeatable taste of the morel is  and does it ever taste good. A few Idaho baby red potatoes  and look out pleasure centers.
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