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Have you ever wanted to grow, hold, and harvest big mature bucks on your own property or even on state or federal land?

Are you considering making the huge investment in whitetail hunting property?  MAKE SURE YOU GET IT RIGHT!  There are 10 things you need to consider when buying whitetail hunting property.  Be sure to read our service page on Assessing New Hunting Property Prior to Client Purchase to make sure you get it right.

If you already have your WHITETAIL DREAM PROPERTY, how long have you owned your property and how often are you able to harvest a five year old or older buck? Do you have any mature bucks? Do you see them on your cameras but can’t quite close the deal? Well, as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. Pressured Deer Pros services are offered to assist land owners and help them to achieve their property goals in growing and harvesting those bucks that are much more difficult to hunt. Our strategies work and are proven and if you need habitat work done so you can hold more deer on your property, or you need the advanced stand ambush techniques, we can help you with our proven methods. These methods have been developed over many many years of studying and will work anywhere in the country whether in Kansas, Pennsylvania, or high pressured Michigan. The other important item you gain when using our services is that you get consultations after the service is provided with follow up as needed. Not just an answering machine! This isn’t always the case in the deer hunting world!

Every piece of hunting property is different and every single one has many opportunities for significant improvement. Our Land Assessment services are boots on the ground and includes a cyber assessment before we even arrive as we have always done our homework to make sure we do the best job possible for our clients. Bill, Greg, Michael or one of our other masters will discuss things with you prior to our arrival and prepare you for the full day of working your property.

The following are the services we provide:
Pressured Deer Pros Services

About the Circle of Masters

The Circle of Masters Team offers a number of services that will all make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your hunting success.  A long time ago, I realized that there was more to hunting then what any one man can learn in a single lifetime. This collaboration of men has spent their lives studying and living out what we teach. All of our masters are multifaceted. Each and every one of us has been on our own and each and every one of us has gained knowledge from each other.

Land Assessment & Management

(for Big Buck Hunters)

Every piece of hunting property is different and every single one has opportunities for improvement. Our Land Assessment services are a boots on the ground assessment where Bill or one of the masters will come to your property and analyze your property in detail.

These Services include:

Tactical Scouting for Deer Recovery

Every year, our team successfully finds deer wounded by hunters that end up losing the blood trail and can’t find the deer. We utilize all of our masters to ensure we do everything we can to recover your deer

Tactical Whitetail University

BECOME A MASTER HUNTER in 1 two day session with 4 PDP master hunters as Pressured Deer Pros and the Circle of Whitetail Masters brings to you leading edge training seminars.

This university is like no other and is a place for training indoors but more importantly in the woods outdoors in real hunting scenarios.

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About the Circle of Masters

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