Membership FAQ

The main membership page for Gold Membership Packages is located at “Membership Area” under the membership tab once you have logged into your account.

You MUST LOGIN first!

*As pictured below


Video Memberships

The membership area for Video Memberships can NOW ALSO BE found in the membership area “left Sidebar menu” (as pictured above), once you have logged in. We hope this makes finding your membership video package easier!


*It can also still be found under “My Account”, once you have logged in to the site. Please follow the additional instructions below. We have provided screenshots to assist you.

Once you have logged in and are on the “My Account” page, please select “Memberships” from the left navigation.


Please select View next to your membership option.


Please select Content from the menu on the left, this will give you a list of the pages or posts available to you. You may select “View” next to which ever page/post you wish to view.

*Video Memberships may only have 1 page as all video content may fit on 1 page


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