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Land Assessments for Mature Buck Ambush Service

Having a piece of hunting property in itself is a wonderful thing.  Depending upon your success, you may be asking yourself.  “Why am I getting all these big Buck pictures on my game cameras but I rarely if ever see them when I am hunting.  I am just not as happy as I could be with my hunting success.”  We have all been taught to hunt a certain way and to use the wind a certain way when we hunt.

hunter ambush set-ups

The bottom line is you don’t know what you don’t know as they say.  We have been taught wrong.  Proper ground or tree stand set ups for harvesting mature whitetails is a challenging but very plausible thing to do.  Bill Vale has been setting up hunter Ambush setups for years. It started with Friends and turned into clients. Today Bill is considered one of the top Ambush specialist in the world for hunting pressured deer where he has harvested forty five seasons successfully in the highest pressure County in the world.

The Land Assessment for Mature Buck Ambush is a boots on the ground assessment where Bill or one of the masters will come to your property and analyze your property in detail.  You will be shown firsthand how to play the wind, use terrain and elevation, and use the property layout to fool the wariest whitetails on the planet.  It includes precise stand locations with a data sheet assessment for when, why, and how to hunt each specific location. It typically takes 1 day per 100 acres of property. These techniques still have a 100% success ratio and has hundreds of testimonies to prove it.

Call: 269-830-8343

Prices: Start at $750

A day plus expenses (expenses will be minimized). This includes a free Tactical Cyber Scout of your property ($250.00 value).

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