Cheese Goulash recipe

Fry 1 pound deer burger, fine chopped Onion, med cook until done…

Add 1 large can of stewed tomatoes, add garlic powder, a little onion powder, and fresh ground pepper.

Mix the burger, and  onion ,together and fry in a couple of pads of real butter and until done.

Lower heat way down let simmer very slow while you prepare the macaroni, boil macaroni until done to your liking, mix all together then cover with yellow mild cheese. Cover with a lid until cheese is melted and melted good.

Remove lid and finish at a very slow boil. Turn off heat and cover.

Notes: I use an electric skillet on this recipe as it is easier to cook with and control the heat. You must know your cooking utensils inside and out, and the time on this particular dish is 45 minutes to a hour from the time you start the deer meat before anything else, cook all wild game well to well done

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