Recipe: Bill’s Favorite Venison Dish

You take 1 lb freshly picked speargrass, and two lb. of fresh black Morel mushrooms, Wash both completely cutting them in half so you don’t get any extra meat? -[bugs!] Now open 1 pound of [...]


Venison Back Strap Recipe

Here’s one of my favorite ways to prepare Venison Back Strap: Take 1 venison back strap; cut with slicer very thin pieces. SOAK PIECES OF MEAT IN ORDINARY CIDER VINEGAR FOR 5 MINUTES. The [...]


Cheese Goulash recipe

Fry 1 pound deer burger, fine chopped Onion, med cook until done… Add 1 large can of stewed tomatoes, add garlic powder, a little onion powder, and fresh ground pepper. Mix the burger, and [...]


Recipe: Meatloaf Surprise

Take one pound of venison burger. Mix in crackers  ( I use Ritz’s  crackers),  also 1 or 2 eggs, and some finally chopped green pepper. (green pepper is optional ) Mix all together very [...]

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