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Free Ranging Mature Bucks in Michigan Daylight Using PDP System

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Pressured Deer Pro System

Our system is a complete detailed approach that is focused first & foremost on AMBUSH.   Mature bucks are different animals & require intense planning/understanding prior to developing any whitetail property.  Developing properties without this in mind typically results in mature buck photos and a few sightings but disappointing harvests.  Its one thing to develop habitat.  It’s quite another to be able to kill the big guys consistently.

Our system consists of 5 main focus areas.

  1. Ambush analysis: Identify great ambush locations using terrain, wind, and existing habitat. Then improve habitat with ambush in mind. Don’t do anything if it doesn’t fit into the ambush plan!
  2. Establish a 2-4-year habitat plan to enhance all ambush locations identified both existing and future. Apply the X factor layout approach.  Client executes.
  3. Set Up all ambush locations with specific information for each location including winds to hunt, time to hunt, entrance and exit, etc.
    1. Client installs properly located and setup tree stands/ ground blinds as described by Pressured Deer Pro.
  4. Create and set up primary breeding scrape sets using our unique bracket approach at the absolutely best ambush location where you have the advantage. Too many is too many.  Too few is too few.  Depends upon the property and stage of development.
  5. Explain and train on timing of when to hunt using the Pressured Deer Pro Timing (Vale) calendar.  Know when to hunt and increase your odds measurably.


The three of us with our 2020 Bucks….

A couple 2020 successful clients (Missouri & Michigan) using our SYSTEM!!!



Not every good hunter is a good teacher!  We love to teach and make you SUCCESSFUL!

 10 New School Methods Targeting and Harvesting Mature Whitetails Training:

  1. Wind – How MATURE BUCKS use the wind and how to use it AGAINST them. Fundamental ambush strategies. (Vale)
  2. More on WIND – the southern hills and valleys approach. (Yates)
  3. The X FACTOR HABITAT approach. Enhancing your ambush location for as many dimensions as possible. (Skufca)
  4. Tree selection, proper stand set ups for NON-DETECTION and the importance of entrance and exits. (Vale)
  5. Detailed how to specifically create PRIMARY BREEDING SCRAPE SETS where you have the advantage and why this works so effectively (Skufca)
  6. GROUND HUNTING – strategies, and concealment approaches that work! (Yates)
  7. AMBUSH STRATEGIES using Primary Scrape bracket Sets (Skufca)
  8. How to maximize the “ODDS OF SUCCESS” by hunting at the “RIGHT” times. Four best times to be in the woods when Mature Bucks are on their feet. (Vale)
  9. Managing PRESSURE and best SCENT CONTROL approaches. (Skufca /Yates/Vale)
  10. How to maximize odds of DEER RECOVERY! Learn Deer recovery fundamentals!  (Vale)

2022 Vale Hunting Calendars – Days of the Giants & Timing for Primary Scrape Bracket Sets!!!  NEW & Enhanced!!!  Available Now!!


  • Taking Pressured Trophy Whitetails (Probably the best ambush book out there)
  • Monster Whitetail Buck Magnet (A great habitat book that greatly increases the holding capacity of your hunting property!)
  • Licking Branch Magic (Creating Primary Breeding Scrapes Where You Want Them for the Ultimate Ambush)  The only true “how to” book out there.

New Video Series:

  • Deer Recovery Series (Vale) – Available Now
  • Magic of the Licking Branch Series (Skufca) – Available Now
  • Wind Rule Series (Vale) – Available now
  • Entry and Exit Video Series (Vale) – Available now

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If you are not seeing mature bucks, you know you are sitting in a DEAD stand that is not set up properly.  Wind. Timing. Location, Entrance. Exit. Dimensions.

You know when your stand location is tactically correct when you have does and young bucks alike passing by repeatedly without detection.

You know when your habitat is effectively done when your buck sightings quadruple in number.


Are you tired of the continuous stream of killing videos on TV.  Are you happy w/ your success & consistency?

WHERE DO YOU TRULY LEARN HOW TO HARVEST MATURE BUCKS CONSISTENTLY IN PRESSURED SITUATIONS WHERE WE ALL REALLY HUNT? We are the only ones out there that truly teach! We are on the phone with hunters every day and often multiple times a day!

We experiment in pressured states and learn new and VERY successful approaches.

Can you suck a mature buck to you without getting busted?  We at PDP can! Can you create real primary breeding scrapes where YOU WANT them for the ultimate ambush?  We at PDP can! Can you triple the number of bucks on your property? At PDP we can!

Very reasonable MEMBERSHIPS NOW:  For full one year membership only $119.00   You get:

  • 1. Direct phone discussions on ambush, habitat and everything you can think of hunting whitetails.
  • 2. Store 10% discounts
  • 3. Access to 40 plus training videos with new ones all the time.
  • 4. A satellite PERSONAL PROPERTY assessment of your hunting property with advice on habitat, increasing buck harvest, ambush strategies that fit the property, and more.
  • 5. Bill and Greg Timely hunting and habitat tips
  • 6. During season, secret “Time to get in the stand notifications”.

pressured deer pros featured video packages

Greg Skufca Magic of the Licking Branch Video Series – CREATE PRIMARY SCRAPES where you want them!!!  What you will learn will blow you away!!!

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Magic of the Licking Branch Video Series!! Intro Video!!!

Bill Vale Video Series for (1) Wind Rules and (2) Deer Recovery now AVAILABLE!!!!  What you will learn will blow you away!!!

5 Year old Curly Tearing it up in Michigan in Daylight! Pressured Deer Pros make it happen with diverse habitat, wind rule, low pressure environment, ambush set ups, and the "RIGHT" licking Branch set ups. Greg's Book "Monster Whitetail Magnet" Get em there. Bill's book Taking Pressured Trophy Whitetails get em on the ground!

There is no more effective hunting calendar than Bill Vale’s Moon Calendar!  If you don’t have Bill Vale’s MOON Calendar that UNIQUELY TELLS YOU “WHEN the best times TO HUNT” you are having to put way to many hours in!!!!  THERE IS NO OTHER CALENDAR LIKE IT ADJUSTED FOR DEER!  This video is an INTRO VIDEO to the CALENDAR!


Pressured Deer Pro

pressured deer pros

Welcome to Pressured Deer Pros ~ We Want to Teach You Everything We know!

“Every hunter dreams of shooting a trophy buck—of looking down on a cool, crisp morning and seeing a massive set of antlers walking below his or her tree. But who do you know who not only sees these animals, but is successful every season shooting them? And shooting them in areas where the deer are under extreme hunting pressure, like Bill’s hunting area of Calhoun County, Michigan, where there are some of the highest numbers of hunters per square mile than any other place in the world?”

We feature Videos, articles and recipes from Master Deer Hunter, Bill Vale. Here, you can find content in video, audio, and article form. Just click on the months or topics listed on the left to view the content. Keep checking back regularly as we plan on adding more content each month.



Here is proof our techniques work and our clients smiling faces tell it all!!!!

Pressured Deer Pro Training Intro Video

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