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Every hunter dreams of shooting a trophy buck—of looking down on a cool, crisp morning and seeing a massive set of antlers walking below his or her tree. But who do you know who not only sees these animals, but is successful every season shooting them? And shooting them in areas where the deer are under extreme hunting pressure, like Bill’s hunting area of Calhoun County, Michigan, where there are some of the highest numbers of hunters per square mile than any other place in the world?

Master Bowhunter Bill Vale’s landmark book brings into perspective the order of survival that was put in place by God Himself and has gone unnoticed by hunters for centuries. This includes how the solar/lunar forces (perigee and apogee), and the light the moon reflects govern the movement and instincts of big bucks and the timing of the rut from year to year.Learn the aggressive secrets, tactics, and field-tested strategies that have been proven successful after 35+ years of hunting for pressured big bucks. Bill’s research and instruction will help the beginner to Master Hunter. This is the most complete book about deer hunting strategies ever published.

Hunting Calenders


With these hunting calendars, now available in 3, 4, or 5 month versions, you will know when to hunt. Hunt hard when the time is right, stay out when it isn’t — hunt less, score more often, miss less work, schedule vacation time years in advance, spend time with your family, and friends, keep obligations, and enjoy a balanced life.

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Have you heard about Bills new service? Bill has been putting clients on to the bucks there hunting by doing a Property Scope, Bill uses the land owner or clients historical facts, places other big bucks were shot, and mixes in 40 years of hunting experience. Using Google earth, and an assortment of other variables like, weather, so-lunar forces , terrain, and frankly more that can be printed in a short time.
Bill has found deer for people out of state from Michigan in his easy chair, Bill charges 250.00 to do a property scope. This is where Bill completely examine your property with his methods. Bill has been able to set tons of hunters up over the phone and has documentation of these abilities. Look what Bill did for hunter Ryan Weston from Wisconsin, or call Greg Skifca at 1 (989) 513-2365 week days mid day and see what he has to say about Bill. I stay on the phone with my clients and keep helping them even after I have been paid. We have had some really special blessings happen to pressured deer pro this year. So if you can’t afford my on site price tag of 1000.00 a day, let me put my 40 years of experience to work for you in a different way. We can get’er done. Bill

Bucks of the Month!

September 2015, Land Owner, Moontime Monster Calendar Buck of the Month: Charles Baily:

Successful Buck Hunt!

Read what happened after Bill visited this man and his property.



October 2015  Moon Time Monster Buck of the Month is Steve Will’s trophy taken right on time according to Bill’s Hunting Calendar.


Steve Will's Monster Buck

Read more about it.

Steve Will’s Monster Buck



Big Buck Pictures – Taken using Bill Vale’s 2015 So Lunar Calendar! Look at the smiles on these guys faces!


Right when the Calendar said to hunt!








2017 Hunting Calendars are Here!

This year, 2017, we offer 3 month, 4 month and 5 month hunting calendars.

For info on Bill’s book and calendars, click here.



More 2015 Hunting Season Pictures:

All Taken with the help of Bill Vale and / or his So-Lunar Calendars

Another Successful Deer hunt - taken with advice from Bill Vale's visit, advice and Calendar.

Greg Skufcas buck – Another Successful Deer hunt – click on the picture to see how this land owner made out after Bills visit



This buck was also taken in the October Dark Period.

This buck was also taken in the October Dark Period. This buck tis only 3 years old and has been on my patented minerals for two years


Read Bill Vale’s 2014 Buck hunting story and pictures!

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