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Bucks of the Month!

September 20015, Land Owner, Moontime Monster Calendar Buck of the Month: Charles Baily:

Successful Buck Hunt!

Read what happened after Bill visited this man and his property.



October 2015  Moon Time Monster Buck of the Month is Steve Will’s trophy taken right on time according to Bill’s Hunting Calendar.


Steve Will's Monster Buck

Read more about it.

Steve Will’s Monster Buck



Big Buck Pictures - Taken using Bill Vale’s 2015 So Lunar Calendar! Look at the smiles on these guys faces!


Right when the Calendar said to hunt!








2015 Hunting Calendars are Here!

This year, 2015, we offer 3 month, 4 month and 5 month hunting calendars.

For info on Bill’s book and calendars, click here.



More 2015 Hunting Season Pictures:

All Taken with the help of Bill Vale and / or his So-Lunar Calendars

Another Successful Deer hunt - taken with advice from Bill Vale's visit, advice and Calendar.

Greg Skufcas buck – Another Successful Deer hunt – click on the picture to see how this land owner made out after Bills visit



This buck was also taken in the October Dark Period.

This buck was also taken in the October Dark Period. This buck tis only 3 years old and has been on my patented minerals for two years


Read Bill Vale’s 2014 Buck hunting story and pictures!

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